The Mystique of Inspiration

Where does inspiration come from?

It may come from a photo or a story. It can come from something someone else wrote or did.

Maybe it comes from something you pass every day, or on just the right day.

Inspiration can be in the unusual or the ordinary.

We usually think of inspiration being related to artistry — a great performance, a work of art, a novel or poem that moves you. Have you ever thought about inspiration in the kitchen?

Oh, wait . . . inspiration is reserved for great chefs, right?

NO! Absolutely not!

You can find inspiration in the kitchen just as well as any chef you’ve ever heard of. Just look around you.

Open your pantry and think about what you have that might taste good together. Or do the same thing with your refrigerator. Or maybe the grocery aisle.

Food Network logo
Can you tell how much I love Food Network? I swear they aren’t paying me. But if they want to, I can be bought!

Sometimes I get inspiration from watching what other people are doing on cooking shows. Chopped is a really good example of inspiration coming from what is in front of you. Or Cupcake Wars.

I used to play a game with one of my best friends for his birthday cake. I would ask what kind of cake he wanted and he would start listing things he wanted in it. The challenge was to figure out how to combine all the ingredients into something wonderful.

Try that with someone in your family or one of your friends. See what happens.

I bet you will find inspiration! (Remember, Sponge Bob came from somewhere!)

Come know you've wondered how they came up with the idea of Sponge Bob! (It makes complete sense when you remember
Come on…you know you’ve wondered how they came up with the idea of Sponge Bob! (It makes complete sense when you remember “inspired” means “(of air or another substance) that is breathed in”.) Just sayin’.

2 thoughts on “The Mystique of Inspiration

  1. My youngest (10) has shown a little interest in cooking after catching a few episodes of master chef junior so maybe there’s some hope for a little kitchen inspiration. 🙂


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