I’m blaming DST . . . for everything!

I haven’t posted in almost a week. I feel a little guilty . . . but not enough to lose any more sleep than I already lost this weekend!

I have been involved in a local theatre production and last week was full of dress rehearsals, set painting, prop fetching, and other last minute things before opening night this past weekend. Cooking consisted of making a grilled ham and cheese sandwich before I ran out the door to rehearsal, so there wasn’t a lot to post about, even if I had time!

All of that is finally finished, though, so I’m trying to get back on schedule.

I did help cook for our regular Sunday Night Dinner, but we just made breakfast, so there wasn’t anything special to take photos of.

On Monday (today), I had a lovely roast beef sandwich with homemade roast and gravy at my best friend’s house. But I didn’t cook it or think to take a picture.

I did pin a lot of yummy looking things on Pinterest in the last couple of days. (You can check it out here.)


Looks like this getting back on schedule thing may take a little more effort than I thought!

I think I’ll blame Daylight Saving Time. I could have done all kinds of things in that lost hour!

Yes, this is it exactly!
Yes, this is it exactly!

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