Nick’s Easy-Peasy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

A dessert that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare? Sign me up!
A dessert that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare? Sign me up!

My oldest son is cooking for his girlfriend tonight. (Go ahead . . . awwwww!) He made an ice-cream cake for dessert and since it is really easy and really yummy, I thought I would use it for my blog post today.

This is kind of his “go-to” dessert when he wants to make something for someone, so he has it perfected. (Although it’s so easy, it was pretty much perfect from the first time he made it!) Oh, and bonus . . . it doesn’t require any actual cooking in the oven, so it’s fast and doesn’t make a mess.

Get an 8×8 glass dish and cover the bottom with ice cream sandwiches. (Yes, you do take the paper off of them firs.t) Make sure to put them in the dish touching each other. You may have to cut some of them into smaller pieces to fill in the edges.

Cover the ice cream sandwiches with a container of Cool Whip and spread it evenly all the way to the edges. (If you want a generous layer, you may need to use part of a second container.) Smooth the top with a spatula. Or you can swirl a design in the top. However you want to do it.

(If the Cool Whip doesn’t fill the dish all the way to the top edge, make sure you wipe any smears of Cool Whip off the dish. It makes it look neater. Remember, it’s all about presentation!)

After you are finished with the Cool Whip, drizzle some chocolate syrup and caramel syrup over the top. (The kind of syrup that comes in a squeeze bottle. It’s harder to get a smooth drizzle from a jar of ice cream topping, because it is thicker.)

Put the whole thing back in the freezer to set — a couple of hours, at least. Cut into squares to serve. It will keep in the freezers for several days, if it lasts that long!

That’s it! Easy-peasy. I’m sure you could use real whipped cream that you make yourself, if you want to get really impressive, or if you don’t like Cool Whip. (Who doesn’t like Cool Whip, though?) The same goes for the chocolate and caramel on top.

Let me know if you change up the recipe — I’d like to know how it works out! 🙂

P.S. I’m also supposed to let everyone know that my daughter helped make this, too! 🙂


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