When is a pie really a cake?

I’ve always wondered why a cake is called a Boston Cream Pie. It doesn’t make sense.

Tonight’s post is actually about some Boston Cream  Cupcakes I made a good while ago. (I have a photo of them, though, so they made the blog!) They were actually for my my middle son’s 18th birthday last summer.

Yes, we put all 18 candles on one cupcake!
Yes, we put all 18 candles on one cupcake!

(Yes, we put 18 candles in one cupcake for him to blow out!One friend decided it might take a butane torch to light them all. Umm…not necessarily a great idea.) He got a kick out of it! 

It's good that my son isn't opposed to being silly!
It’s good that my son isn’t opposed to being silly!

I have loved Boston Cream Pie since I was a child. My mom used to buy the frozen kind (maybe from Sara Lee?) every once in a while and I thought it was soooo fancy. It wasn’t until years later that it occurred to me to look for a copycat recipe to make.

I found the cupcake recipe on PinCookie.com. (Click that link to see the recipe.) It looked right.  It tasted pretty good, too! I liked the way they looked, too. Here are mine: 

Boston Cream Cupcakes
Boston Cream Cupcakes

I changed mine up a little bit (of course), but mostly because it was more convenient. (And we all know, it’s allll about the cook’s convenience, right??)

Instead of slicing the cupcakes in half to make a pudding layer in the middle, I put it on top. That was mostly because I didn’t want to peel all the cupcake liners off the cupcakes. (It’s just easier to eat them without making a mess when the liners are on them.) Then I put the chocolate ganache on top of that.

I used a yellow cake mix, like the recipe suggests. When I make them again, I may use a homemade cake so it will be a little denser. Just a personal preference, I suppose.

Also make sure you have time to completely chill the cupcakes before you serve them. The filling/pudding will get firmer.

Still wondering about the pie/cake confusion . . .

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