Nostalgic for seeds

I like seeds. I’m not saying that I want to go plant things…mercy, NO! I was blessed with a black thumb — I have even killed an aloe plant, which I understand is difficult to do. Granted, it took a little longer than other things, but I still managed without going out of my way.

I just like the little paper packets of seeds. The pictures of vegetables on the front of the packets are bright colors. Even if I don’t really like eating most of them, I do think they are pretty. Especially in the pictures. The tomatoes are bright, shiny red. The lettuce is frilly and green. And the eggplant . . . it is probably my favorite. Dark purple and shiny. It definitely wins the award for prettiest vegetable. Overall, though, I like the idea of a vegetable garden much more than actually having one.

Pretty little seed packets
Pretty little seed packets

When I was little, my parents had a huge vegetable garden. They grew corn, tomatoes, green beans, lima beans (aka butterbeans), potatoes, okra, peppers, and sometimes watermelons. I mostly found ways to avoid helping in the garden. I spent a lot of time burying my bare feet in the freshly turned dirt. I also really liked the way the lima beans felt after they were shelled and I could dig my hands into the cool, slick pile. I regularly heard, “Stop playing in the beans!”

When I see the fresh packets of seeds in the aisle at Wal-mart, like I did today, I have to stop and look at them. Even though I know I’m not really interested in digging in the dirt.  And for just a moment, my feet are buried in cool dirt and my hands are covered in butterbeans. I like seeds.

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