Homemade Graham Crackers — a great way to get icing to your mouth!

After I made the awesome Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Cupcakes and the Homemade Oreos, I had icing left over. I also had leftover cheesecake filling from the Cheesecake Crepes.  I know, weird, right?

Anyway, I really didn’t want to just throw it away, but I needed the space in the fridge. Hmm.

So last Sunday, I decided I needed to whip up something that I could spread those on, or dip into the leftovers.  A quick search of online recipes and my pantry and I decided on homemade chocolate graham crackers and cake mix cookies (a la the homemade oreos). (Its kind of like buying a new outfit to go with a great pair of shoes.)

I had a spice cake mix, so I picked that for the cake mix cookies. (How can you go wrong with cream cheese icing or cheesecake filling to dip those in?) Those are easy, so I got started. For some reason, the spice cake mix made them spread out a little more than usual, but they were still fine.

Then I went on to the chocolate graham crackers. Pinterest did not fail me! I found a recipe from Elise Bakes that looked pretty good. Of course, AFTER I started I realized that I didn’t have any confectioner’s sugar. I had already been to the grocery store and it was cold and I didn’t really want to get out again. Substitution time!

I DID have dark brown sugar, so I figured why not? I substituted an equal amount of it for the confectioner’s sugar (packed semi-firmly)and sat back to see what would happen.

What happened was a pretty sticky dough that was hard to get moved from the countertop to the baking stone, even when I floured the surface. So mine were definitely not as pretty.  On the second batch, I decided to roll the sheet of dough to move it and that worked a little better.

Overall, the substitution worked fine, though. They aren’t as crisp as regular graham crackers. They are softish and chewy. More like graham crackers that have been in the cabinet for a while. Only chewy.  And with more of a molasses flavor.

I’d say they were a win. Nobody complained as they used them to shovel icing into their mouths, at least!

Works great to get icing and filling to your mouth!
Works great to get icing and filling to your mouth!

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