Cooking lesson #42: Don’t trust a FB recipe

Last Friday, I saw a recipe post on Facebook for frozen banana bites. They looked really yummy and easy. I saw it on Pinterest, too, and it was one of those mostly-pictures-cuz-its-so easy-you-won’t-need-instructions pins. Looked like an easy snack that looks pretty too, so I thought I’d try it. I’ll just go ahead and tell you now: find the original recipe instead of trying to follow the pictures. You don’t know what parts are getting left out! THIS is what I was working from:

Picture recipes -- look great; not always reliable!
Picture recipes — look great; not always reliable!

Looks easy and logical, right? Mmm-hmm. Don’t be fooled. The Facebook post said, “Slice bananas and spread a little peanut butter in between, freeze for an hour, then dip in chocolate. Refrigerate for another 10-15 minutes and boom you have a delicious snack. ” Sounds easy and logical, too. Once again, don’t be fooled. I needed snacks for a Grammy watching party on Sunday night, so this seemed like a perfect addition to the list. I put a couple of bananas in the freezer around lunchtime on Sunday and waited. After a couple of hours, I pulled them out and started slicing. Not too difficult, even frozen. Yay! Then things started to go bad . . . I tried to spread peanut butter on the first slice and discovered that, even frozen, banana slices are a little . . . ummm . . . slimy? The peanut butter didn’t really like sticking to the banana slices. “Okay. I just won’t try to spread it around too much,” I thought. “It’ll be okay,” I thought. (I should have listened to the peanut butter and walked away.) Then I squished another slice on top of the peanut butter. Once again, the peanut butter wasn’t happy. Most of it slid out the sides between the slices. “That’s okay. I just pushed them together too hard,” I thought. That was my second missed chance to walk away . . . I melted some chocolate chips in a glass in the microwave. (I knew I wasn’t making a lot, so I figured that would be plenty.)

See how the chocolate and banana are separated by glass? That should have been a clue...
See how the chocolate and banana are separated by glass? That should have been a clue…

This is when it started to go really bad. I stuck a toothpick into the chunk of banana/peanut butter, so I could dip it in the chocolate. When I dipped it in, the chocolate sucked it off the toothpick and wouldn’t let go. Hmm. I stuck the toothpick back in and turned the glass sideways to try to get it out. That worked . . . sort of. The banana chunk came out, but the chocolate didn’t stick to it. It just slid off  as I pulled the banana out. I tried again. Same result. On the third try, a the banana chunk separated, and I had to fish each slice out of the chocolate individually. Some of the chocolate stuck, but not much. I gave up on that banana chunk and decided to try another one. (Of course, I had to eat the first one. I saw no reason to let it “dry” on parchment.) I was ready on the next one. I went ahead and tilted the glass before I ever tried to pull the banana out. I tried to “twirl” the chunk with the toothpick, so it could pick up more chocolate. It worked a little better, but not much. I set the “finished” chunk on the parchment paper to dry. Then I looked at it.

Pretty, huh?
Pretty, huh?

Wow. Not at all what I expected. It looked so bad, I figured I wasn’t going to take that to a party anyway, so I might as well eat it. (Don’t judge. You know you would have done the same thing!) Here was the real kicker — it really didn’t taste that great. Sigh. That’s when I decided I should just walk away. Give up. I had other things to cook. Today, I looked at the post on Facebook and actually clicked through to the original website. Imagine how surprised I was to find out that the post I saw left out ingredients (shortening or peanut butter in the chocolate to make it thin enough to dip into). SMH. Lesson learned. Never trust a Facebook recipe without doing some research first. (Oh, here is the original recipe, in case you want to try them the right way: Frozen Banana Bites. I;m not sure I’m up for it, but if anyone else is, let me know how it goes!) If you liked this post, leave me a comment, like the post, or follow my blog! You can check out other posts over there on the right side or hit “follow” up at the top. You can also “like” me on Facebook ( or follow me on Twitter (@thefakegourmet). See you in the kitchen!


2 thoughts on “Cooking lesson #42: Don’t trust a FB recipe

  1. Lol…always listen to the peanut butter. 🙂 I actually bought some of those frozen chocolate covered bananas because I thought it looked pretty good. It really wasn’t. I couldn’t really put my finger on why; it seemed like a safe bet.


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