Homemade Oreos — why didn’t I already know about this?

Last week I posted a picture of the homemade Oreos I made for Sunday Night Dinner. I just realized that I never posted the recipe. Duh.

Easy to make and really good!
Easy to make and really good!

I found the recipe through Pinterest…maybe. Now I can’t find it on there, even though I thought I pinned it. Sigh. I DID clip it to Evernote, though, so I found the link again through that note. It came from The Pink Apron Blog and works pretty much the way she describes.

The cookies are cake mix cookies, which are easy and deee-licious. She calls for Devil’s Food Cake mix, but I used Dark Chocolate Fudge instead, because it looked darker than the Devil’s Food in the picture on the box. I figured Oreos are basically black, so you’d want the darkest chocolate you can get, right? Plus, the Dark Chocolate Fudge was on sale. So, why not?

You mix the cake mix with 2 eggs and 3/4 c. of shortening. (Use the electric mixer if you can, because the dough is kind of stiff and hard to mix by hand. I have done it, but my arm was really tired when I finished! Yeah, I know I’m a wimp.) When I have made cake mix cookies before, I have used oil instead of shortening. I don’t know that it makes a huge difference. I used shortening this time because the recipe called for it and I happened to have some.

After you mix the dough, spoon it onto a baking sheet. The original recipe says line it with parchment or use silicon. I used a baking stone, because I use it for everything. You could probably grease your baking sheet if you don’t have parchment. But do something, because I bet those puppies would stick and tear all to pieces if you don’t.

I used my little scooper gizmo (some people call it a melon baller, or scoop, but whatever) to drop the individual cookies. It’s great because it doesn’t require me to get my hands all in the dough, and the cookies are close to the same size without a lot of effort on my part.  (Since these are sandwich cookies, making them close to the same size is important.) Bake them 7-10 minutes at 350 degrees. (Mine took 10-12 minutes on the stone. You just have to watch them, since different ovens are different. They will puff up pretty high, then start to deflate. When that happens, poke at the edge of one with a metal spatula. If the edge holds together and doesn’t just squish up, they are probably ready to come out.)

Cool the cookies on a wire rack. As they cool, they will continue to deflate. Don’t worry; that’s normal.

While they are cooling, make the frosting/filling. In the electric mixer, combine 8 oz softened cream cheese and 1/2 C softened butter until they are completely mixed and fluffy.

(It really does matter that the cream cheese and butter are soft, instead of right out of the fridge. Set them out near the stove when you start making the cookies and they should be softened by the time you start the frosting. If you decide to soften them in the microwave, BE CAREFUL! A microwave on full power will melt them before you realize it, and you will have a huge mess to clean up AND you’ll have to start over. Trust me on this one.)

Add 2 tsp vanilla and mix again. Finally, add 2-3 C powdered sugar. (Powdered sugar almost always has lumps, so you really should sift it as you add it to the mixing bowl to keep it from having lumps in the frosting. Add it about 1/2-3/4 cup at a time, with the mixer OFF.  Just think about that for a minute…) When it is smooth, you are ready to go.

Put a generous amount of filling on one cookie and top with another one. (The easiest way to do this is to pipe it on with a cake decorator, but you don’t have to. ) Look, you’re done! 🙂

As a bonus, and since I happened to have some leftover salted caramel sauce from these, I added a spoonful of caramel sauce in the center of the frosting on each cookie. The down side — I probably should have used more, because it soaked into the cookies instead of staying put like a good filling should do. The up side — hello! It’s salted caramel sauce in cookies!

This recipe made about 20-22 finished cookies. And there was quite a bit of frosting leftover. You could probably double the number of cookies without making more frosting. Or you could just eat the extra frosting with a spoon. That works, too.

These don’t taste EXACTLY like Oreos, and I didn’t do a dunk test, but they are pretty awesome! Especially if it means you don’t have to go to the store in the middle of the night or on a rainy day. Definitely a win!

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