Pizza on the Brain

I love making homemade pizza.  While I am not opposed so some chain pizza (it’s still pizza, after all) and I have been known to throw a frozen one in the oven in an emergency, I have a couple of good dough recipes (for my bread machine, of course!) and love piling on different combinations of toppings. One of my friends and I usually split the “weird” one when we have a communal pizza night. (Our favorite: ham, bacon, mushroom, pineapple, spinach — but just on half, and artichoke hearts on top of alfredo sauce.)

I knew that the best pizzas are cooked on stones, I did NOT know about heating the stone before putting the pizza on it! Today I saw this blog post and thought, “YES! That is the key!”

Next time I make homemade pizza, I am absolutely going to try this. I would rush home and try it RIGHT NOW, except tonight I have a date with some friends at The Pie Factory, a local pizza place. Guess I just have pizza on the brain!


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