Being published is scary…I mean, exciting!

A Week with the Fake Gourmet: 20 Meals That Will Make People Think You Can Cook
A Week with the Fake Gourmet: 20 Meals That Will Make People Think You Can Cook

Everyone procrastinates.

About a year ago, I decided that I should write a cookbook, because what if something horrible happened to me and I could never share my recipes with my kids? (Yeah, morbid, I know. But these are the things that run through my head at 3 am when I can’t sleep.)

Anyway, I started to just write out the recipes like any other cookbook, but then I thought I should be different. More like me. More like I was standing there teaching someone  my kids how to make the things in the book. Hmm…

So I did. I knocked out the whole book in less than a month.

But then I sat on it.  Every few weeks, I would tweak and adjust and edit. I eventually got brave enough to share it with a couple of friends for editing and feedback. And then I sat some more.

I kept changing the format a little here and there. I thought I wanted pictures of EVERYTHING, but I always forgot to take any when I made any of the things in the cookbook. Or I would decide it didn’t count, because I didn’t make the whole exact meal that was recommended in the book. Or the pictures just weren’t good enough. Or some other excuse.

Basically, I procrastinated.

It’s pretty scary to put something so personal out in the wild for any stranger to comment on or judge. I know I can cook (no one has ever died from my cooking, or even had to go to the hospital. That I know of.) I know I can write. At least in English class. (I almost always made an A on all my papers.) But still…scary.

Finally, though, I decided to just do it. No pictures right now, because they make the download a LOT more expensive. (Now I understand why some Kindle books cost as much as they do.) But the words are all there. AND PEOPLE HAVE DOWNLOADED IT!  (Gulp…)

Here is my hope for this little labor of love.

I hope that someone who didn’t have someone to teach him or her to cook learns how. I hope that my words help them see that cooking can be fun and rewarding. I hope that people who already know how to cook enjoy recreating some of these dishes. I hope  my kids are proud to have a book written just for them that they can use and enjoy and maybe even hand down to their kids one day.

Oh, and I hope I make a gazillion dollars on it…so GO BUY THE BOOK! 🙂


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